About Funfly

The National Model Fun Fly Special Interest Group is run under the auspices of SAMAA
Fun Fly Series competitions are open to any SAMAA registered club in South Africa. What is very attractive is that the planes are relatively inexpensive.
Membership of the Special Interest Group (SIG) will be open to any Member of the SAMAA nationally. The Fun Fly Series usually consist of the follow:
There will be 3 (three) qualifying rounds flown. Each round will consist of 6 (six) events per class.
All aircraft will be of a fixed wing type.  A competitor may have TWO aircraft. One aircraft MUST be the primary for use during the competition.  The other is a back-up and may only be used if the primary aircraft is damaged. The damaged aircraft may be repaired, but must be scrutinized by the judges and CD before being pronounced fit to fly.  Competitors may share an aircraft, but if it sustains structural damage, then all the pilots using that aircraft MUST use the same back up aircraft, if one is still available. You can choose which class to enter if you are participating for the first time – obviously with a suitable & eligible aircraft.
The number of pilots to be invited to the Masters will be determined by the number of pilots entering the various qualifying rounds. The Masters is flown at the end of all three rounds.
The idea of the Fun Fly Series held at Model RC Clubs are to have FUN! FUN! FUN!



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